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18 by Rich Chambers

William Bur is an 18 year old senior in high school who for the first time in his life faces, but does not recognize, one of life’s ultimate questions--what’s next?  The recognition comes from the adult William Bur, who narrates and comments throughout. It is the adult Bur that celebrates the idea of the “moment,” even if the teenaged Bur is too busy with his 18 year old self to see it. Instead, caught somewhere between the 17 year old child and the 19 year old adult, the 18 year old Bur finds himself trudging through his high school graduation, the summer that follows, and the Labor Day weekend that unofficially marks the end of so many things other than just summer.

  • Title: 18
  • Author: Rich Chambers
  • Publication Date: 4/20/2010
  • ISBN: 978-1-62420-030-4
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What a wholesome book. Eighteen is a novel told like a memoir. It is full of the angst of teenage life for the boy, William Bur, now a man in his forties looking back. It is wise with the perspective of hindsight. It covers important issues and how they affect teenagers including divorce, graduation, girlfriends, sexual first times, breaking up, potential teen suicide. It is well written and would be a helpful book for any kid struggling with teenage issues, and would be a great book club story for discussion. Those who lived during the times (1970s-1980s) the author describes would no doubt also find it an interesting read. I don't hesitate to recommend it. Reviewed by: Christina St. Clair for Rogue's Angels
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