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A Gentlemen's Agreement Paperback Version


A Gentlemen's Agreement by Sheila Sharpless
Paperback Version

The Marquis and Marchioness are aristocrats living in a magnificent Elizabethan manor, Karidan, with their two daughters, Cassandra and Charlotte. On the surface, the family is wealthy and well respected, but the double life of the Marquis reveals illegal and dangerous activities, although at heart he is a good Christian man. Charlotte is to be wed to the local widowed vicar, but her affections lie elsewhere, namely with the Lord of the adjacent estate who, owing to a long-standing feud, is not welcome at Karidan and harbours his own secrets. Will Charlotte give in to her passions or follow the path her parents have chosen for her?

  • Title: A Gentlemen's Agrement
  • Author: Sheila Sharpless
  • Publication Date: 4/8/2017
  • ISBN: 978-1545123508
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Reviewed by Tamara White 4 stars A Gentleman’s Agreement is a period piece that takes the reader back to a time when a gentleman’s word was just as strong as a contract. Sharpless does an excellent job of capturing the essence of the Elizabethan period. The reader is quickly drawn into the affluent world where lavish estates, grand balls reign supreme and the title before a person’s name means everything. Sharpless captures how complicated the realities of marriage are when they involve more than love. Charlotte is a woman whose heart doesn’t necessarily want what is expected of her. Along with Charlotte there is the Marquis, the man who is not only the lynch pin in this beautifully crafted story, but a man who possess his own drama filled secrets. A Gentleman’s Agreement creatively walks the reader though the high society antics of the privileged born.
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