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A Howl in the NIght


A Howl in the Night by Courtney Rene

Sweet Sixteen is supposed to be a turning point in your life.  The world is before you in all its glory, just waiting for you to reach out and grab it.  Right?  For Abigail Staton no, not so much.  Not only does she suddenly lose her best friend due to a fight, but suddenly her mother expects her to believe that the father, she has never met, is actually a werewolf.  With that revelation, Abby is thrust into the world of two wolf clans who are not only fighting each other, but also fighting for Abby, one of the few females born to the shape-shifters.  Her father is determined to pair Abby up with Derek, a very dominant and overwhelming shifter.  Abby vehemently balks at this union to disastrous results.  When war is declared between the two clans, Abby has to decide what side she is actually on. 

  • Title: A Howl in the Night
  • Author: Courtney Rene
  • Publication Date: 6/20/2012
  • ISBN: 978-1-936403-84-4
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I don’t generally read novels in this genre, but a friend recommended it, so I read it and I’m glad. The author, Courtney Rene, writes clearly and the story unfolds with purpose and intrigue. It’s the kind of book that’s hard to put down. Abigail Staton’s mother has a strange reaction to a gift to Abigail from Dad. Abigail is thrust into a world not of her choosing. Finally she has to make a choice and face serious consequences with any decision. This novel is a grabber. If you dare read it, be prepared for a shock. By William Delamar
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