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Blue Fire Paperback Version

Blue Fire by Angela Castle
Paperback Version

A vicious war has taken two precious resources from the men of Kell, their women and hope for a future. They search in vain for a solution and all hope seems lost until they find Jane.

Jane a hard working woman, has always thought she was nothing more than a plain Jane until she falls into a strange land of  muscle bound, sword wielding, men. Who all seem to be tall, dark, and deliciously handsome. What’s more shocking is more than one of them seems to desire her. But she only has eyes for one warrior.

Drystan commander of the Kings warriors is instantly drawn Jane saving her life after falling through a dangerous portal into his land. Is this small woman is the one to save their people from extinction?

Drystan moves fast to claim to the small human woman and make her his. As the passion flairs between Jane and Drystan, the enemy of the Kell threatens to tear them apart. Drystan not only fights to save Jane but to save his people.

  • Title: Blue Fire Paperback Version
  • Author: Angla Castle
  • Publication Date: 2/28/2012
  • ISBN: 978-1-936403-62-2
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Title: Blue Fire Author: Angela Castle Publisher: Rogue Phoenix Press Genre: Rubenesque, Sci-Fi, Contemporary Publication date: September 1, 2010 ISBN: 9781936403066 Pages: 90 Series: N/A Reviewer: Lila for Two Lips Reviews In the land of Crystal City, a war was being waged by the Kells against the Drac Scoulls. The Kell men were too late to save their women and children. The Drac Scoulls had managed to slaughter all of the woman and children, therefore ensuring the extinction of the Kells. Desperate to save their race and extinguish the Drac Scoulls, the Kell army heads out when they hear of their encroachment on an area of theirs. What the commander of the Kell army, Drystan, stumbles across is a woman. A very injured, very attractive woman. Jane was simply trying to help out an injured Wallaby. Instead she winds up falling down a hole and into the arms of the sexiest man she has ever seen. Now Jane and Drystan have to overcome huge odds and cultural differences to restore the Kell people. Will the love they feel for each other be able to withstand the challenge? Angela Castle’s Blue Fire is a fabulous short novel that had me entertained the whole way through. Jane is a normal Earth woman who has never been considered for the cover of a skinny model magazine and her self-worth is lacking. Drystan’s attraction to her though is powerful and stunning. I love a story about a normal woman and a hot man falling in love. The ending is utterly fabulous and there are humorous moments that Ms. Castle throws in that just make the reader laugh out loud. This is one author I have not had enough of for sure.

Rating: Four And A Half Siren Stones Reviewer: Stacey Krug for Siren Book Reviews Blurb/Summary: A war has left his people on the brink of extinction; Drystan Commander of the King's Warriors will turn to any means necessary to save his people. Jane, an ordinary woman of Earth, falls into the strange land of muscle bound, sword wielding men, unlike she has ever seen and what's worse they seem to want her! Could this woman be the savior of their people? Savior or not Drystan knows what he wants, and he wants Jane. As the passion starts to sizzle evil forces threaten to tear them apart, can Drystan hold onto the woman not only he needs but his people? Review: Blue Fire will have you glued to the pages. Once I started, I couldn’t stop. The story is creative and will spark your imagination. However, the editing is a bit distracting and needs to be fine tuned. The love story between Drystan and Jane is entrancing and will leave you wanting more. It’s hard not to fall in love with the courageous and smart Jane and the tough but soft-hearted Drystan. Blue Fire is filled with action in and out of the bedroom. Even though the premise for the story is sad, there is much humor between these pages. Angela Castle did all Earth women, especially not a size zero, a great service when creating her character Jane and the Kell women. Angela Castle leaves room in the storyline for future visits to this new world. I am looking forward to the next storyline that is set up at the end of the book and will be checking back on this author and her creations. This is a great read for any science fiction romance fans.

Reviewed by: Yadkny for Night Owl Romance Jane is, on Earth, your average 'plain Jane.' She knows this and has long since excepted this as fact, so she doesn't dwell on the disappointing appraising stares she receives from other men. Instead she continues on in life with her own cleaning business until she receives the cleaning job that changes everything. Drystan is for all intents and purposes the Alpha male of the Kell people. Theirs a fierce warrior King and Drystan is the Commander of his army, but Drystan is no less an Alpha and could challenge to become king of he wanted. The Kell people are not of this realm, but they are no less in many ways human. Women of this land are not independently strong either physically or mentally. Physically they are revered for their more 'rounded' figures as that means they are more desirable and able to bear children and keep their man's bed warm. The expectation is that their Protector takes care of the woman’s needs as they seem to have no desire to fend for themselves. This you might guess, doesn't sit very well with our heroine Jane, since she is a very independent creature and has a black belt. Jane's appearance in the people of Kell's lives is not unwanted and she couldn't have come at a better time, perhaps sooner, but unbeknownst to her, Jane holds of the key to their future and a new exciting way of life for both parties involved. I have to say that I don't believe the synopsis does this book justice. I imagine that to most readers this will just seem like another run of the mill boy meets girl story with no character depth or plot. This is most definitely not the case. This book is full of new and exciting customs, creatures, and magic to explore. I will even venture further and goes as far as to say that initially I wasn't expecting much from this book, but I am more than happy to report how thrilled I am with this story and will be placing it in my re-reads pile. The author captured my attention with her quirky, anything but ordinary heroine and kept it with her Alpha male hunk of a hero who shows tenderness to the only woman he has ever grown to love. Throw in some other warrior hunks, an on-going war with a really evil enemy, and a sorcerer and the story really does come to life. By the end we are left with plenty of surprises and perhaps what could be considered a good start to a sequel. Recommended reading for those seeking a hero that sees the fierce beauty behind the ordinary or plain. What a lucky girl Jane is!
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