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Diamonds for the Devil


Diamond for the Devil by Nickie Fleming

Historical Fiction

France, early 18th century.

A priceless string of diamonds is said to bring disaster to the one wearing it, so people say. Young Marguerite de Vallencieux -- a runaway who must learn how to survive on the streets of Paris -- knows nothing of this reputation, but as soon as the diamonds are presented to her, a series of accidents befall her.

She seeks help. Unfortunately, some people are not whom they claim to be, and it becomes increasingly difficult to distinguish fact from fiction. She can only rely on her cleverness of mind and her feelings.

Will she be able to fight off evil, and find her way to love and happiness through all this turmoil?

Read the novel to find answers to your questions!

  • Title: Diamonds for the Devil
  • Author: Nickie Fleming
  • Publication Date: 6/20/2011
  • ISBN: 978-1-936403-30-1
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