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Difficult Lies Paperback Version


Difficult Lies by Christopher T. Werkman
Paperback Version

 “A life-changing story that digs deep into the psychological, and tells us that through all trials and tribulations, there’s a chance for a positive outlook.” –Maxy Awards

Is Allan Vickery alive, or is he dead? After a blow to the head from a golf ball, Vic isn’t certain himself. As it turns out, he’s comatose and the things he learns while unconscious are life-changing when he reawakens. But for a man in mid-life crisis—struggling to keep his marriage alive while attempting to become a recognized painter and still succeed at teaching high school art—his new understanding becomes a volatile accelerant for issues that merely smoldered in the past. In the resulting inferno, Vic finds passion in the arms of a lover and riches in the world of high-stakes golf matches. Whether or not you play golf, you cannot avoid difficult lies in your quest to find the fairway to happiness.

  • Title: Difficult Lies
  • Author: Christopher Werkman
  • Publication Date: 9/1/2015
  • ISBN: 978-1-62420-195-0
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Manhattan Book Review.. A near-death experience causes Allan “Vic” Vickery to reassess what’s going on in his life. When he’s hit in the head with a golf ball that causes him to go into a coma for a month, Vic travels to a place in his mind where he plays a round of golf with others who are in a vegetative state. When he awakens, the book chronicles the antihero’s midlife crisis in having an affair, leaving his wife and playing high-stakes golf with a syndicate. ...Vic is the perfect antihero, and while readers might not like him, they’ll find his story interesting.

A very impressive first book. Chris writes about how life can change in just an instant. Couldn't put it down,read it in just 2 days.I would definitely recommend this book to everyone.

I really enjoyed this book. I loved the way the book showed how messy, "Real" life can get. It showed the journey of life, and how all of us as flawed human beings can lose and find our way, sometimes at the same time. The characters were full and believable. I felt a real connection with Vic, but also with the other characters and their lives, and what they went through in making their own life decisions. I would recommend this book to any reader. The richness of the story was enhanced by using golf as the vehicle to move it along. I am not a golfer, but could certainly relate to this story. This will be a book that I read more than once.

Reviewed by Kathryn Bennett for Readers' Favorite Difficult Lies by Christopher T. Werkman drops readers into the life of Allan Vickery, although when we first meet him he is not overly sure if he is alive or dead. Vic took a hard hit to the head with a golf ball; he slipped into a coma, and things begin suddenly changing soon after he wakes up. Upon waking, he dives back into the struggle of keeping his marriage alive, becoming a successful painter, and teaching high school art in a successful manner, but things have to change. Vic takes a lover who sets his passions ablaze, and plays golf like never before, and all of this while dealing with things that were shown to him while he was in the coma. I initially decided to read this book because it had golf in it. My dad golfs and I remember many fun weekends with him, walking along the lush green grass as he and his friends played and I tagged along and handed them clubs. I am glad I picked this one up because it is so much more than just a golf book. This is a story like an onion in that it has so many layers you may not get all of them on the first read through. Vic is a pretty decent guy who, like any of us, has his struggles in life, and after a big trauma knows he has to change. He wants things to be different in his life. This a page turner that keeps you interested and makes it hard to set the book down as you ride the emotional roller coaster right along with Vic. I even found myself in tears when he gets a phone call from an uncle he clearly has not talked to in a long time about his father with whom he really had little relationship. I don't want to give anything away, but I must say you will feel emotions and connections with this very human set of characters. I recommend this book for a good and interesting read.
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