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Dragons Among the Eagles


Dragons Among the Eagles by C. L. Kraemer


Aleda Sable faces the toughest decision of her life--to stay in dragon form, live as a two-legged or put one foot in the human world and one talon in the dragon world.

An urgent call from her newspaper editor sends Aleda to report on an accident whose driver appears to be a dragon. Authorities have the scene locked down and aren't allowing access to anyone. Television broadcasts flash pictures of scaly legs hanging from a crashed car. However, the bodies disappear into thin air. When the stations try follow-up reports, all they find are state highway workers busily tearing up the roads.

In determining the truth of the shifter disappearances, Aleda finds the truth of her own dilemma.

  • Title: Dragons Among the Eagles
  • Author: C. L. Kraemer
  • Publication Date: 6/1/2011
  • ISBN: 978-1-936403-27-1
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Dragons Among the Eagles Dragons Among Us opened a door to the possibility of secret societies, creatures of legend and a whole world unseen by the human population. The Dragons story continues when Cyre and Aleda return to Portland from the Dragon Council in China. For Aleda, returning to life as usual is not an option. With all of the turns and twists she has recently experienced “normal” is out the window. Her newly discovered dragon senses and the ever present reporters’ curiosity will keep her on the move discovering just how close to home the Shifter troubles really are. As she realizes how hard it is to keep her secret life separate from the human world she will have to depend on old friends to help her mesh the two worlds safely. Dragons Among the Eagles is an excellent sequel that will hold your attention until the very end and leave you craving more. Well done Ms. Kraemer for delivering yet another awesome book! Worthy of a 5 Angel Eyes rating L. Nickels
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