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Fragments Under Glass Paperback Version


Fragments Under Glass by Rebecca Siegel
Paperback Version

Living among corpses…a death train destined for the Elbe River…bodies covered with lice…the murder of almost all close relatives…life in the Netherlands before, during, and after the Holocaust is perceptively written by Rebecca Siegel. She not only describes her experiences, but also delves into the effects of that period in time on children, grandchildren and mainly herself. The book touches on her years in the Montessori School in the same class with Anne Frank and her survival in the same concentration camp where Anne died. Interspersed with the prose and at the end of the book are Rebecca’s poems which she wrote not long after the war and which are relative to her narrative. This book is highly recommended reading for adults as well as teens, giving a deeper understanding of that horrendous time period and its after-effects.

  • Title: Fragments Under Glass
  • Author: Rebecca Siegel
  • Publication Date: 6/15/2016
  • ISBN: 978-1534639102
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