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Healing Fire


Healing Fire by Angela Castle

Erotic Sci-Fi/Romance

Melor, an elite warrior of the planet Kell, has come to Earth and the city of L.A to find a Protected to call his own, but all the women reject his attempts to court them. Dejected, he decides to return to Kell, but an earthquake sends Melor through the portal and right into the path of an oncoming car.
Summer Rose, a widow, lives near the Humboldt Redwood Forest of California with her daughter, Blossom. While driving home late one night, she hits someone with her car.
A powerful attraction pulls them together, but when he tells her he is from another planet, Summer is convinced Melor is crazy. Melor is determined to heal the pain of Summer’s body and heart, and prove to the stubborn woman that he is not crazy.

When Melor is captured, Summer and Blossom fight to get him back to Kell and back into their lives, forever.

  • Title: Healing Fire
  • Author: Angela Castle
  • Publication Date: 9/11/2012
  • ISBN: 978-1-936403-98-1
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Reviewed by T.S. Peters of Just Erotic Romance Reviews After being rejected by what feels like every woman on the planet, Melor decides it's time to call it quits and return to his home planet Kell. An earthquake interrupts his trip and sends him right into the path of Summer and her daughter Blossom. As the result of another devastating accident, she is in constant pain, both emotionally and physically. This handsome stranger, who claims to want to protect her, could take the last thing she has left – her pride. Healing Fire is the third book in the Kingdom of Kell series , and definitely works well as a stand-alone. This is the only one in this series I have read, and I didn’t find myself feeling lost or confused at any time. I just found it to be a light, enjoyable read. This is one of those books that you read and just want to sigh and go “awhh” as you read it. You gotta love a man that can kick ass at any given time, but whose only real goal is to find a good woman and take care of her. The whole time I was reading, I kept saying to myself, “I want one of those!” Summer, who is all but crippled after an accident years earlier, is understandably hesitant to start a relationship with the man she found out in the middle of nowhere. Although she thinks Melor is a little batty, she finds herself falling for him. The fact that she isn’t ready to push the “I believe” button made her a more realistic and believable character, though the characters do lack the depth to make it truly juicy. I felt like a lot of issues that would have caused strife between normal couples was just glossed over or ignored (waking up not only married, but to an alien? We’d have some serious words!). Although there isn’t much sex, because of the many plot twists the pace of the book races along. The sex that is featured is rather vanilla, but readers will find themselves entertained as the two experience the highs and lows of interterrestrial dating, parenthood and being hunted by one determined big brother.

Healing Fire Angela Castle Rogue Phoenix Press $3.99 Two Lips Reviews Reviewer: Tangie Rating: 4 Lips (This was a very good book! I'd recommend it to my friends.) The warriors of Kell are visiting Los Angelas in order to meet females and start a family. Melor, a warrior from Kell, is discouraged by yet another rejection by a female. He has decided he is not meant to have a family and is determined to return to Kell. While getting ready to step through the portal to return him to his homeland, there is an earthquake which causes Melor to fall through the unstable portal and land in front on Summer's moving car. Summer cares for the injured warrior but is disbelieving of his tale of being from another world. Can Melor convince Summer not only that he loves her but that he’s also from another world? Healing Fire by Angela Castle is third book in the Kingdom of Kell series, and can be read as a standalone book. I enjoyed Melor's courtly manner, he wants a family and is discouraged that the women he has met all picked other warriors. His care and concern for both Summer, and her daughter Blossom, was great to see. His persistence and honesty are also great characteristics. Summer's struggle, both physically and emotionally, are well written in this story. She hides herself on the land of her dead husband’s ancestors while she raises her daughter alone. She struggles to move beyond her grief and accept that she is entitled to happiness. Once she accepts Melor, her willingness to give him the benefit of the doubt as well as her determination to protect him are great to see. I enjoyed this story and I’m looking forward to where Ms. Castle will take us next in this series.
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