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Helping Hand for Ethan


Helping Hand for Ethan by Daniel Lance Wright

All Ethan Lee wants to do over summer vacation is spend his time swimming on the family farm at the bend on Meandering Creek. In this idyllic setting, Ethan meets a stranger, a familiar young man that he can’t quite place. This likeable young man charms the youngster into a fast friendship deflecting every attempt Ethan makes to determine who he is, where he comes from and why he keeps showing up. And, how does this guy know so much about his family? Ethan has no clue at the beginning, just how interesting his tenth summer was destined to become, the final summer in an age of innocence.    

  • Title: Helping Hand for Ethan
  • Author: Daniel Lance WRight
  • Publication Date: 6/1/2012
  • ISBN: 978-1-936403-76-9
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