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I Want to Have the Heart of a Dog


I Want to Have the Heart of Dog by Genie Gabriel

One woman's journey that started with murders of passion in an Egyptian-like civilization two thousand years ago. After suffering betrayal, abuse and violent deaths through lifetimes of atonement, she comes to the present day realization that dogs are much more than furry companions. They are protectors, comforters, and teachers whose hearts contain the simple and miraculous knowledge of the Universe—if only we listen and learn.

  • Title: I Want to Have the Heart of a Dog
  • Author: Genie Gabriel
  • Publication Date: 4/25/2016
  • ISBN: 978-1-62420-288-9
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Reviewer: Courtney Rene Rating: 5 out of 5 I Want to Have the Heart of a Dog was a more emotional read that I expected. If you have ever had a beloved pet you will want to read this story, but have the box of tissues ready. When I started reading it, I thought it was fiction. Imagine my surprise as I made my way through the book and realized no, it is a nonfiction piece about the author. This book is wonderful in that it gives insight to many dogs and their breeds and maybe their personalities, but it also gives insight into humans and their own nature and needs and shortcomings. Aside from the fact that this book did make me a little sad, I was forced to recall my own furbabies that have passed on and how much they were a part of my life and my journey. The book stuck with me even after I finished the last page. I have a feeling it will be with me for many days to come. I can’t say that about many books. I am giving this book 5 stars. I’m usually a little grinchy with stars, but I could not give this one any less. It was truly an inspiring read.

Reviewed by Jeffrey Ross Five Stars for animal lovers! -- a must read about the indisputable connection between people and their dogs... I want to have the Heart of a Dog is an amazing text. Perhaps it is a collection of significant life history vignettes, stories which show powerful and dramatic moments and events in the lives of the author, Genie Gabriel, and her loving fur babies. Perhaps Heart of a Dog is a powerful Reikie (an ancient method for channeling life force energy for relaxation and healing) manifesto, a calming book that celebrates the spiritual connections between humankind and dogs—and the complex journeys we share daily. This book will make readers smile, laugh, perhaps even weep-- but everyone will come away enlightened and joyful. All the wisdom and positive influences of the author’s canine friends are "channeled" in each chapter. The emotional and spiritual power of this book is obvious-- and refreshing. Hopefully, each person who enjoys this lovely text will come away with “the heart of a dog”—and a new understanding of life’s ultimate and profound meanings.
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