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June by Alicia Stone

Living a lie in a web of deceit, Cassandra finds the courage to challenge her controlling husband. She sets in motion a tragic chain of events that leads her across Europe from the medieval city of Tallinn to the showboating glamour of Nice. Cast aside and the victim of cruel revenge, Cassandra fights for her future and discovers she is not alone. Her new-found strength is tested to its limits, for where love is concerned there is often a reckoning.

  • Title: June
  • Author: Alicia Stone
  • Publication Date: 3/1/2017
  • ISBN: 978-1-62420-316-9
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A fantastic read! June is a mesmerising page-turner following the story of a suffocated protagonist trapped in a controlling marriage. Cassy is easy to identify with as the reader is swept along on her voyage of discovery. I loved reading a novel where I know each of the locations well – realistic and detailed information regarding the stunning settings. The writing itself is faultless and beautifully crafted making this book very easy to read with a surprising twist where you simply cannot put it down until the final page. Following Cassy as she develops her character and takes charge of her own life in search of happiness and independence is something everyone can identify with, which is what makes this book suitable for all audiences and genuinely a great read! I would highly recommend it!!

Title: June (Many a Moon Series, Book 2) Author: Alicia Stone Rating: 4 Reviewed by: Gillespie Lamb Cassandra Bishop is an upper-class English woman in her mid-30s who has voluntarily subordinated herself to a controlling husband (and his mother). Why would she volunteer? “I was young,” she sighs. Her pushy best bud brusquely dismisses that as a whiny excuse and lovingly prods her to reassert herself. In reluctant response, an emotionally deconstructed “Cassy” begins to reassemble her natural lively spirit. Her quicksilver transformation into a strong, independent woman loosens the constraints in her marriage relationship, with liberating and tragic consequences. Author Alicia Stone’s forte is creating a believable slice of upper-crust British society within which her characters grow into people we care about. Her illuminating descriptions of the knick-knackery of the gentry lifestyle are fascinating in themselves. Cassandra comes across as an introspective, sensible, and nervy woman. It turns out her husband is multi-dimensional, too. Testimonial: I am male. This is a woman’s book, PG-rated, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

June By Alicia Stone A review by Jeffrey Ross 5 Stars This is a world-class piece of literature-- a finely crafted book that combines several genres successfully. On one level, June functions as an academic or campus novel—much of the text revolves around the detailed, complicated, scholarly world of Professor Perry’s anthropological research and love affair machinations. It also has robust elements of a detective story when super-sleuth David outs a cheating husband. But June most significantly and boldly illuminates a woman’s “sensual” coming of age (somewhat like Kate Chopin’s novel The Awakening) as heroine Cassie begins to unshackle herself from a life of emotional servitude and learns to love again. As a writer, I was humbled by the workmanship and power of this novel. Read June—you will never forget the story.
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