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Love in the RV Park


Love in the RV Park by Jeffery Ross

This quirky and fast moving romance revolves around passionate lovers in tangled and mostly unfulfilling relationships. The tale is complete with hot housewives, rock musicians, exotic dancers, motorcycles, steamy nail polish-melting love scenes,  hard drinking college professors, hybrid alien children, a romantic bug exterminator,  girl fights, a New Year’s Eve brawl,  religious zealotry, prophecies (The Temple of Just DOET)—and more. Ultimately, Love in the RV Park is about the male perception (misperception?) of the female psyche—and the novel attempts to answer an age-old question: What do women want? Laugh or cry—you’ll come away enlightened after reading this zany romance.

  • Title: Love in the RV Park
  • Author: Jeffery Ross
  • Publication Date: 9/1/2013
  • ISBN: 978-1-62420-056-4
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John Paddison review for Love in the RV Park: A Romance for Men by Jeffrey Ross "The primary setting for the story takes place in a most unlikely, unromantic place—a broken down R.V. Park in the town of Hamilton City, North New Mexico. The small town and the trailer park are inhabited by Ross’ festival of colorful characters, who are stoically living out their lives in quiet, and sometimes noisy, desperation. Even less of a romantic inclination is the plot of the story—a torrid love affair between Adam Swiss, a downtrodden, motorcycle- riding, guitar-strumming, poetic/philosophic ex-English teacher, and Leah Free, a beautiful and well-bred Hamilton socialite who leaves her husband and forsakes her lavish lifestyle to live with Swiss in his Spartan trailer and share his Bohemian existence. The resolution of the story, in its complexity, is a comically sardonic, delightfully “unromantic” romance tale and the conclusion is a non-sequitur non-answer to the ageless question of 'What do women want?'"

Nify reviewing Love in the RV Park by Jeffery Ross If you enjoy your comic fiction well populated with whacky characters, written in energetic free form and littered with lists (or even if you don’t), I dare you to read a copy of Love in the RV Park - a romance for men. Jeffery Ross invites the reader to join him in an exploration of what men think women want from love. I’m not sure that his dystopian carnival of characters delivers the goods in terms of a definitive answer, but the reader’s senses and sensibility will be assailed by this modern-day version of The Canterbury Tales. There is more than a whiff of patchouli as Jeffery Ross gives his pilgrims a push with his pen and sets them on their way. Where are they going? What are they looking for? Jeffery Ross describes a nihilistic world of base and shallow values where, ‘chinchillas rule the world now, running round and round in their self-forged wheels without hope.’ Do not despair, however, as there is enough squeezing of flesh and ear lobe licking, leaping onto motorbikes, and Friday night happy hours to satisfy all the reader’s needs and cravings. From church to caravan park and from campus to coffee shop, the cast of this comedic romance romp with abandon across the pages leaving the reader none the wiser, amused and exhausted – as by life. Caricatures jostle for page room with real people and memorable characters including bored housewives, missionaries, deal makers, heart-breakers, exotic dancers, wannabe musicians, trophy wives, live mannequins … Who could forget the blunt and tetchy therapist Dr Kilgear laid to rest in Speedos emblazoned with the Scottish Saltire and the sinister black-eyed children? Love in the RV Park - a romance for men is a sardonic commentary on life in twenty-first century small town America. Well worth a read and great fun.

"Love in the RV Park" is the second novel I've read by Ross, and he doesn't disappoint! I recognize myself and others in the characters in and around the RV park; the social commentary is biting but not so acidic as to sting too much. My favorite character is Old Sol, who drinks too much and waxes poetically about men, women, America, beer, and love. One of my favorite quotes by Sol: "Why are there so many beer commercials? People would buy beer anyway." Truer words have never been uttered. I also chose the perfect time to read the novel as it takes place around Christmas and New Years (and the New Year's Eve party at the RV park is not one to miss). If you enjoy satire, and even if you've never lived in an RV park, you'll enjoy this romantic romp through Americana. Heather Moulton on Amazon
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