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May by Alicia Stone

Marielle, single, restless and thirty-something is looking for a man. Can love compete with Fate? The problem is the man she desperately wants and needs is not interested in her.  He was once, but ten years ago she threw away their chance of happiness. Together again, Marielle and Peter discover how they have both changed and how much they have in common. Their attraction for each other is intensified, but can their love be rekindled? Can they risk everything for love? Affairs of the heart prove to be no match for the darker powers of Fate as Marielle’s very survival hangs in the balance. 


  • Title: May
  • Author: Alicia Stone
  • Publication Date: 9/8/2015
  • ISBN: 978-1-62420-193-6
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By C McKnney 3.5 Stars out of 5 Alicia Stone’s first novel in the Many a Moon series promises an interesting series ahead. Marielle made the mistake of giving up the love of her life years ago. When she meets him again by chance, she realizes her mistake and wants to get their relationship back on the rails. Job woes, the challenges of pregnancy, and uncertainty that Marielle’s beloved can come to care for her again as he once did are only a few of the issues that make this an interesting read. Marielle is an interesting and well-realized character; the author gets deeply into her heroine’s head, developing a sympathetic woman faced with realistic problems and issues, and negotiating an emotional minefield as she seeks happiness. Unfortunately, the male lead is less fully realized, but after a slow start, he becomes a more relatable character. Readers should be patient and wait for him to emerge as the story unfolds. Far more of a character study in Marielle’s development and feelings than a bodice-ripper romance, the introspective nature of this book makes it particularly suitable for readers who would enjoy seeing a single, strong woman negotiate the pitfalls of repairing the mistakes of her past and dealing with the consequences of both past mistakes and present ones.
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