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Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch


Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch by Elliott Capon

In 1940, American Heartland Pictures, once a great studio producing hybrid talking/silent Shakespeare films, is now gushes forth the cheesiest, crappiest, lousiest low-budgetest serial adventures in the industry. And that’s fine with Farley Rottenwood, the immigrant-turned-sort-of-mogul who bought the place and kept the owner’s widow on as Girl Friday.  But, while he produces his greatest—albeit most inept-- serial adventure (which you get to read!)—his wife is cheating on him, his staff are dropping like flies, and Nazi agents are producing pro-German propaganda right behind his back…and believe it or not, this is funny!

  • Title: Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch
  • Author: Elliott Capon
  • Publication Date: 5/22/2014
  • ISBN: 978-1-62420-045-8
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