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My Opic Observations


My Opic Observations by Jack Haines

I admittedly have a different interpretation on how things work in my world. I have been told I am sanctimonious, sarcastic and irreverent. Another ex-wife said I was cruel and hypercritical. The truth is I have a large number of soft spots and whenever I see a naked Emperor, I have to scream out. I have a particular weakness for the pompous and those who fear sunlight. No, not vampires. Writing helps relieve the sting from the head slapping after I witness my fellow humans in their environment. I write small, short stories that cover specific topics; my trip last summer, my class reunion, the changing of our times, a group of people time forgot or other people’s pets.

  • Title: My Opic Obseervations
  • Author: Jack Haines
  • Publication Date: 4/10/2013
  • ISBN: 978-1-62420-027-4
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