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Side Slip


Side Slip by Mike Fuller

Stuck in paradise and he isn’t very happy about it. Even the beautiful lady detective that gunned down the man trying to kill them both can’t get him to stay. Corporal Sam Deland wants out. Back to work leading his squad of state troopers and home where he can take up the life he had to put on hold. But Sam isn’t the only one wanting him to return. The woman he left behind is waiting for him and so is the Russian Mob. Sam’s past is catching up with him, and he doesn’t see it coming, yet. Detective Christie O’Shea, the pretty Florida cop that nursed Sam back to health won’t have the time to miss him when he’s gone. Murder is what she’s paid to solve, and she has to go after a killer that has sent shock waves deep into the police community around her. A triple play of heart stopping and heart warming suspense, action and life as Sam, his troopers and Christie all find they are in the middle of murders and mobsters. A story that twists and turns through the investigations and the lives of characters you will grow to know, to cheer and to fear. Sharp dialogue, real characters and enough drama, humor and mystery to keep the reader up late not ready to put it down yet. Another thrilling Sam Deland crime novel from the author of Sink Rate and Rope Break.

  • Title: Side Slip
  • Author: Mike Fuller
  • Publication Date: 2/8/2017
  • ISBN: 978-1-62420-334-3
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5.0 out of 5 stars Suspense filled crime novel By Greg Didaleusky on February 27, 2017 Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase Side Slip takes you on a fast-moving plot of murder and revenge. The criminal elements of the Russian mob in Philadelphia get involved in this crime novel along with a killer in Florida. Sam Deland's recuperation from a near-death shooting takes the reader from Florida to Pennsylvania with action packed twist and turns to a climatic ending. A diverse cast of characters in the novel contributes to the realism of police procedures and criminal investigations. I recommend this novel to crime, mystery or suspense readers. viewed by Greg Didaleusky, author of medical mystery novels.

By Jeffrey Ross 5 stars out of 5 Side Slip moves with ever-increasing speed towards a series of police-drama resolutions. At times I could hear the narrative voice of Dragnet's Sgt. Joe Friday, but this is no old school police story. Throughout most of the book, the action and imagery kept me energized and engaged. The body count is stunning, the dirty cop is a crazed killer, and a Russian bad guy is taken down by a low-flying plane. There is just enough romantic "heat" to raise your heart rate-- along with edgy moments of suspense that will stimulate your blood pressure! The subplots work well, and the characters have clearly different personalities. This is an exciting read that puts you in the minds of cops, robbers, lovers, and killers.

Reviewed by G. Lloyd Helm Side Slip is not an easy read, but well worth it. There is nothing predictable about this book, but it does have a sort of familiarity. It has everything a crime novel reader could want. There are decent plot lines, but it is character driven all the way, which is why it is sometimes hard to read. Fuller has made the characters so real that the reader sympathizes with them, even the bad guys. And he gives you a wide range of characters to choose from, Pennsylvania State Troopers, Male and Female, Florida Sheriffs, Male and Female, Farmers that used to be Navy SEALS, Dope seller/ murderers, crooked cop/burglars, and dogs. Side Slip is worth the read.
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