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Tea Time Boys paperback version

Tea Time Boys by Kevin Voglino
Paperback Version

Tea Time Boys is about the mysteries discovered while searching for a murderer. Together, the boys unravel the secrets of the killer by delving into a dirty Judge’s corrupt actions. Each boy has his own private battle to contend with in the search. Mason continues to suffer from a complex Aphasia where he confuses English words with French. He meets a blind boy, Cassander, who sees color waves. Mason’s speech dilemma disappears in his presence. Pekoe, an eccentric white haired British boy who acts and plays an accordion, searches for his mother in a Newark graveyard, having lunch and tea with dead mother candidates before the threat of nightfall and a rumored wolf. Grey continues to practice track with high potential for the Olympics while dealing with the murder. The boys commit to unthinkable acts to find the truth.

  • Title: Tea Time Boys
  • Author: Kevin Voglino
  • Publication Date: 1/10/2013
  • ISBN: 978-1-62420-007-6
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