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College Leadership Crisis: The Philip Dolly Affair


Community College Crisis: The Philip Dolly Affair

by Jann M. Contento and Jeffrey Ross

A Crisis in Community College Leadership: The Phillip Dolly Affair is literary in development but grounded in “chaotic” community college daily experience. The novel is comic, satiric, quasi-politically correct, edgy, and richly descriptive of community college life, leadership foibles, and cultural themes. This hyperbolic text is entertaining, edifying, and fun. Little community college fiction—comic or otherwise—exists—the authors are fearless in their humorous—and sometimes biting-- analysis of community college culture....

The “stereotype-busting” authors reacquaint readers with the [faded] ideals of the 1960’s social renaissance.

While community colleges are currently receiving heightened attention, this novel provides a behind-the-scenes analysis of many “whispered truths,” those simmering but unspoken workplace issues, behaviors, and machinations nearly every worker [Everyman] in America will recognize.

  • Title: Community College Crisis: The Philip Dolly Affair
  • Author: Jann M. Contento and Jeffrey Ross
  • Publication Date: 1/27/2004
  • ISBN: 978-1-936403-43-1
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Leah Wescott Editor of Cronk News The Philip Dolly Affair opens as a higher education satire, providing character studies of familiar academic colleagues, nemeses and campus idiosyncrasies. Soon, however, you're drawn into an Our Town-ish drama that spans beyond the community college political landscape into a tale of actual socio-political irony that provides context for the life and career of the eponymous President Dolly. Love him or hate him, you can't help but feel for him. The story of Copperfield Community College is told through a melange of genres, including short biographical essays, poetry and even theatrical dialogue. If you're looking for straight prose, you may be pleasantly surprised with the mixed bag. I was most drawn to the descriptions (regardless of genre) of the no-win conflict real life community colleges face between missions of vocational preparation and ambitions of higher learning. Both visions are ridiculed brilliantly though neither is without merit. Faculty, staff, students and townies are also held under the humor microscope. There's plenty to laugh and cry about as you recognize your community and yourself.
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