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Worlds Reclaimed


Worlds Reclaimed by Maggie Mundy
Paranormal Romance

Clare and her group of vampires, fae and werewolves want to live on Earth. To do that, they must heal the worlds they have been visiting through the portals. Vesi, is an albino vampire and Heln, is a white werewolf. Neither has been accepted by their own people. This unlikely couple tries to fight their growing attraction to each other while helping to save two worlds. On one world, a mist is closing in so nothing will survive. On the other, the High Priestess Sari is at war. Her power is failing and she wants to use Vesi’s blood so she can live forever. Can Heln save his love and help his friends save both worlds. Will their group ever get to Earth?

  • Title: Worlds Reclaimed
  • Author: Maggie Mundy
  • Publication Date: 1/8/2017
  • ISBN: 978-1-62420-305-3
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Review by Courtney Rene This is book three in the series. It brings back Clare and her variety of friends that include vampires, fae, and werewolves. They are on a quest to save one of the worlds they are able to travel too through magic portals that is slowly fading due to a destructive mist. First, I really have enjoyed this entire series. This book does not disappoint either. It brings back old faces good and bad, and also introduces new ones. The author continues to be creative in the love stories between the characters that she brings to the table. It never seems “old hat” and boring. I love that she not only has werewolves and vampires, but also that she changes it up with white wolves and albino vampires. The story is fun with lots of action, which moves it along quickly. The characters are full and alive. This was a quick ready as I wanted to continue the story to find out what happens next. The series comes full circle with this third installment. I not only recommend this book, but the entire series.
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